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Product Review in Model Railroad News by Dr. John Hullman---March 2001

"The finished model has a very fine lacy appearance, while being sturdier than it looks. The stairways and gratings for the walkway and landings are particularly well done. The engineering of the kit is superb. The assembly and fit of all parts is spot on, with locating lugs and holes where needed, handles on the platforms, and a jig to keep the tower square."
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"The Rural Windmill kit has a lot going for it. I would strongly recommend this to the modeler who has never attempted to work in etched brass, as it has all the right stuff for success."
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"For years I have tried to conceive of a way to model windmills without much of a glimmer of an idea. Then voila! I saw your ad and ordered your kit forthwith. I have assembled the windmill and painted it and am very pleased. Your kit is an elegant example of what can be done in photo-etched brass sheet. The design of the fan is very clever."
Dan Morgan-Cincinnati, Ohio.

"My son John and I just finished constructing the windmill kit. It has produced a very fine, detailed structure. John and I both wanted to tell you that the kit is excellent. We are looking forward to more."
Bill Reichert-Wheaton, Illinois

Looks just like the windmills on our old ranch close to Dumas, TX. It went together in good shape with your good directions-all I have to do now is fix a farm on my layout good enough to display my new windmill
Jack Amos, Enid, OK.

"I just finished assembling your brass windmill kit for my Z-scale layout, and wanted to let you know how easily it went together. It's very 
well-designed, and most-importantly, it looks terrific! Thanks, By the way, thanks for including extra spacers and an extra fan; it shows that you folks actually gave some thought to the construction of the project. Keep up the good work! "

David A. Karp-California
"The kit’s (sawdust burner) instructions are in exploded view format, and I had no trouble in assembly. The etched sheet is very nicely done, and I marvel at the ability of someone to sit down and calculate the required angles and dimensions to make a flat part fold up into this complex cone shape."
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"Your wigwam kit arrived today. It is such a work of art, I hesitate to take it out of it's envelope."
Dan Morgan-Cincinnati,Ohio.

"The kits are exquisitely detailed-really nice!"
Zoe-TrainSource: Texas, Houston, Texas

"Be of good cheer-The wigwam (sawdust burner) is completely constructed and half painted. It has been test fitted on the layout and will work perfectly- another triumph in the art of photo-etched brass."
Dan Morgan-Cincinnati, Ohio

"These windmills are Great!"
Michael Schell, Nunica, Michigan

"It would be nice if British kits were so good."
Don Rees, Carmarthen, (Wales) United Kingdom

The Yesteryear barbed wire product is well designed to make it easy to use. Brass kits intimidate most people; this and the windmill kit are very simple evening projects.
Scott----N Scale Supply, Wheatridge, Colorado

"I have to compliment you on the accuracy of the assembly of the fire tower. Every part fit perfectly. It was a pleasure to assemble it. I was not to excited about the HO barbed wire fence kit when you told me about it Boy, was I wrong! I went out and bought two more kits and replaced several handmade fences. They look great! I think I will have to get a windmill next."

David Trucksess—Burnsville, MN

P.O. Box 2504, Florence, Oregon, 97439
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