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"Lumber Mill" N-scale Sawdust Burner and N-scale Windmill

"Load'em Up" Sawdust Burner and Windmill on HO Diarama
"Burner On The Horizon" N-scale Sawdust Burner
"Some Maintenance" N-scale Sawdust Burner and N-scale Barbed Wire
"Fence'em In" N-scale Barbed Wire
"Down by the Barn" N-scale Barbed Wire and Windmill
"Locomotive Getting a Drink" N-scale Windmill
"Let's Get To Work" HO-scale Barbed Wire
"Burner In The Background" HO Wire Fence and N Scale Sawdust Burner

"Ever watchful" Fire tower on the mountain top

"HO-Scale Forced Perspective"
"Checking the Fence Line"
"Fencing in the Range"
"A Long Way to the Top"
"Landing Strip Control Tower"
"A bird's eye view"

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